Greatness they say takes time, so do accomplishments. Deceased legends have lived their time, living legends are  living in their prime time whereas upcoming legends are yet to relish peak times.The common thing about these three categories of legends is the fact that their legendary statuses are time bound. Time is of the essence – literally everything, no matter what planet it may be, from Mercury to Pluto is regulated by time factor. It’s ubiquitous attribute makes it inevitable for the ordinary genus.

No wonder it’s a word with one of the most diverse but similar definitions.  Time has no regard for existence and is irrespective of speed. In naturalism, it can neither be fast forwarded nor slow paced to suit the pleasures of man. It moves at its own span – unchangeable.

A man’s time piece is arguably the most expensive article of fashion he owns; what does it do for him? It tells him what time it is. More like money, its insatiable nature means it can’t be satisfied, more like money, its satiable nature means it can be well managed and made ample use of, hence, the cliche phrase “time is money.”

Wounds take time to heal, words take time to discern and be decoded, flowering plants take time to bud, markets take time to stabilize, food nutrients take time to be assimilated and economies take time to recover- the list can go on and on but what do you do with your time?

Every second counts. What you do with your time is of high importance and in the same way, what time can do to you is to be highly regarded. Time and tide awaits no man. Would you prefer wasting time or being wasted by time and tide?

Take time to ponder over this…

Be time wise!