Silent can be loud, harsh can be soft depending on how you translate actions. Bitter can be sweet, hot can be mild, insipid can be tasty depending on your taste buds. Good can be bad, ugly can be beautiful depending on how you see it. We all have individual opinions, which are our entitlements that make us distinctive. Other distinguishing factors are the truth, the falsehood, as well as the grey portion where lies the indecisive.

How do you make your judgments? on what basis? are they sound? do you follow the crowd? do you stand on your personal beliefs? on black, white or grey areas?

The afropean contrast is a dilemma that will never be demystified.

The afropean contrast is a puzzle that cannot be solved.

The afropean is an individual with both African and European traits but not necessarily through birth.

The afropean is a connection between Afro-European cultures that contrast each other.

The afropean is a combination of black and white whereas the contrast is the grey area.

Our generation was told different myths about the “black” and “white” which left some of us in the grey area of anomaly. Sometimes black was condemned, other times it was praised. Sometimes white was rebuked, other times it was commended. Black can appear and sound racial, white can appear and sound same, but do they relate well to form that grey area? One can never go wrong with a combination of black and white but can go wrong with purely white or purely black – one might not fit in. Like the zebra, unique and outstanding, is a beauty at sight but would it look more attractive if it had a grey addition?

They say black is dark and gloomy, white on the other hand they say is bright and cheerful. Being directly opposite, they still need each other to form that grey area of neutrality. Being the most popular “colors”, they would be more superior if they came together. Like the afropean, better together, is full of greatness!ย They often say black is for the bad and white is for the good but nobody falls in either of those categories – we are all imperfect and grey!

Black is the problem, white is the problem. Grey (the contrast) is the solution.