The average professional in a corporate setting nowadays strives to draw a great picture of him/herself that carries a message of how integral and diligent he/she is.
Conversely, a chunk of these professionals are losing their level of integrity and diligence by the day. The question is do they shirk them off intentionally? I guess not!
In understanding how to sustain these two invaluable qualities, it is only right to have an idea of what they stand for in a corporate context.
Integrity I will say is being able to serve your conscience right and acting in an acceptable manner when no eyes are on you, better still when nobody is aware. Diligence on the other hand, is simply staying persistent and assiduous to accomplish set goals.
In relating them, it can be concluded that both of them requires staying true to oneself. Therefore, in building corporate integrigence, taking note of the following steps could be worthwhile.
1. Always keep a clear-cut and open mindset. This will help do away with the “what ifs” and create less room for doubts.
2. Have a sense of objectivity to enable you focus more on the things you stand for. Staying objective as an individual doesn’t only make you just, it increases the confidence that people, especially your colleagues have in your opinions.
3. Don’t try to be overly exceptional. Being exceptional is a good trait in a corporate setting but only to an extent. Going beyond makes people expect more from you which indirectly puts you under pressure to deliver-this may cause you to do things wrongly, cut corners or even compromise.
4. Avoid procrastination and leaving tasks for later. Procrastination they say is the killer of time. You don’t expect to consider yourself integral when you struggle to keep up with your own words or works how much more your colleagues! Diligence however is enemies with procrastination so where do you stand?
5. Render yourself transparent and accountable. Being a transparent and accountable team player puts you in a responsible position. You’re always prompted by your instincts to deliver according to standards; thence becomes an attribute.
6. Be consistent in achieving both individual and group goals. Try to keep your targets as realistic as possible, by so doing, keeping a consistent pace becomes relatively simple.
We ought to do the right things in order to build up corporate integrigence.