China boasts of having the second largest economy in the world after the USA. One factor that puts them in that position is their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is fueled by productivity levels in the country. Again, being one of the largest exporters the world has ever seen, China is a center for international trade and business. The renowned Theodore Roosevelt attested to that fact and saw the enormous prospects that lay in China.

In the late 70’s to the early 80’s, the then Communist party initiated a one child policy to control the size of the population – an attempt that truly curbed the rampantly increasing population, sought to check net migration but increased the emigration of the nationals to other developed countries.

Citizens began to relocate to the Americas, Europe and other parts of Asia where they raised their families and contributed to those respective countries. These countries benefited economically by gaining more skilled labour, increasing revenue from taxes, tourism, foreign investments and strengthened connections with the Chinese. The issue of brain drain however was not far fetched – it placed China on the losing end whereas countries such as the UK and the United States were on the winning end. I say this because graduates were quickly poached by mammoth companies to work for them by providing them with decent conditions of work.

About 35 years down the line, I believe China has woken up from a slumber that caused the nation to lose valuable talents that could have probably seen them take over the USA.

By increasing the childbirth policy from one to two per couple, experts argue that there are economic growth reasons and implications behind the long awaited decision.

President Xi Jinping and his government are of no doubt ready to take over with their new economic policies, international deals with some of the world’s most industrialized nations – G7 and other empowerment strategies.

I remember my Entrepreneurship lecturer, Dr. Rajendra Kumar used to tell the class to form networks and connections in China especially those right in our circles of influence as well as our classmates, we would then only make a farce out of it. Little did we know that the Chinese were gradually awakening the symbolicdragon which signifies greatness and power.