My thoughts were provoked when I came to full knowledge of what Russian roulette is –some sort of a killing spree(not the holocaust type) that is considered to be a game. Well, the reward in monetary terms for the survivor is somewhat grand and satisfying. Sincerely, if it wasn’t, who would want to risk dying in return for something meagre; like I’d usually put it “chicken and chips”. Definitely not in this 21st century of the living.


To be frank, I was rather glib as you would most likely expect. As heuristic as I am, I only came to its full knowledge when I was more than old enough. Though knowledge in my own understanding is relative and infinite, I felt subtly ridiculed. Thanks to the evolution of music genres, some Rihanna fans will at this point be miming in their heads.

I’ve never heard about a game as risky as that. The demonym of a country based in Eurasia and a French originated word put together.

I wondered what these two countries (Russia and France) have in common. Nothing of much significance could come in mind at the time. Obviously not language, couldn’t have been Napoleon nor Peter, perhaps a few minor cultural similarities for sharing a common continent and demographics.


With my little proficiency of the French language, I know that a roulette is a small wheel that can be spun around till it comes to a stop by itself. Oui, par lui-meme. Tu comprends? That explains the spinning of the cylinder after the bullet is inserted.

Now this is the part that challenged me the most: I’m not taking risks that are big enough.

Practically, if people are bold enough to play games with their lives then I could also be playing the Russian roulette of say commerce, humanity/philanthropy, entrepreneurship…I mean activities that I’m keen about, activities that are not gormless, activities that will go a long way in the betterment of livelihood. I could be making a lot more valuable returns when I imagine myself pointing a gun to my skull, like going all out and risking it all. Thence, when I shake my head out of that imagination, I’m assured I won’t lose my life on a probability of one out of six, but will instead make some gains on a five out of six.

Truth is, people are not daring enough! I deduced that the ones who often don’t make it in Russian roulette are those gripped in fear. They tend to lose concentration, they automatically lose focus. Then they drill their skulls with that single bullet that was in one of the six slots. If they had lost the fear, they would have been more in tune to know when to and when not to pull the trigger.

When I’m entangled in fear, I might eventually lose everything but when I lose the fear, I will literally gain everything- that made me feel like Archimedes covered in clothes. It was my eureka moment!