We may have different religions, different languages, different colour skin but we all belong to one human race - Kofi Annan

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18/03/2019 - Photograph by Sam Frost ©2019 - www.samfrostphotos.com

Gifted with creativity, Emmanuel likes to believe he’s full of art and not just a work of art – a personal creed. Usually, he’d think out of the box to create something magical. He is the founder of Indigenous House a brand that is inspired by African culture/tradition.

His logo, for instance, appears simply as an ‘E’ but it actually includes the ‘L’ for his surname.

Creating something magical according to him includes putting pen on paper (papyrus) which in turn makes him proud to hail from the continent that first discovered papyrus. Often regarded as the most deprived continent yet full of phenomenal talents.

He is a native of Accra, one of the most developed and diverse cities in West Africa.

Thanks to his parents and the spirit of determination, Emmanuel managed to complete the basic literacy process through to the highest place for learning/academia. He holds a bachelors degree in Education/Business Management from the University of Cape Coast an MBA from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, an MSc. in Accounting and Finance from BPP University. He is currently pursuing an ACCA qualification and is an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI).

Writing comes along to him as an innate hobby, although he feels a bit loath sometimes when he thinks about the amount of work that goes into it. A few months shy of ten and whilst in primary school, he came second place in a Nestle writing competition. Being a wanderlust, starting a blog was something he did in order to carry out freelance writing and share his travel experiences on a common platform which is the world wide web.

Emmanuel believes in the power and magnitude of words, therefore he prefers to write about topics that will inspire a reader.